Windows 11 broke my sound

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Yesterday computer worked fine...


today: nope...


There is no sound on my system through the speakers I have plugged in. For some reason the computer will only route sound through the display port to the monitor or through a controller.


If i disconnect the monitor, then restart, it sees the audio devices. If I reconnect the monitor through the display port it works for a few minutes, crashes, and reboots... and once that happens it no longer see's the speakers.




I have redone all the drivers, and I am so frustrated.


Please explain a fix.



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Hello @tdfolts,


Refer suggestions provided in this video fix:



Let us know if this helps!

@Kapil Arya 


Thank you for your reply. 


I went through those steps once before. 


When this occurs, the computer does not recognize that there are any other audio devices except for the ones driven by the graphics card (GTX 1660 SUPER). There are no audio outputs.... anywhere on the device.


What I have been able to narrow down so far:


This appears to happen whenever the computer

A: restarts itself after an update

B: restarted/shutdown + restart THROUGH the OS

NOTE: It is possible that there is something else triggering this to occur...


Now, If I do a hard reset, power cycling the computer through its on/off button... it works fine.



I am tempted to uninstall the nvidia software to see if that is the culprit.