win 11 calendar crashing

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Hi, When i try to open the calendar in my win 11 desktop, it tries toopen but then crashes after a few seconds, any ideas how to fix this plz?.

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I have the same problem. Worked a week ago. Now I tried to use it and opened from mail and it just does as you say.

@Andrew Porter Not sure but i suspect it may be a update thats caused this.

I am having the same problem. Have re-installed and done a Scannow run- Problem still there.

@gooner1959yahoocom I just noticed same issue. Just did full reinstalled windows 11 day before yesterday. Im betting it is some windows update???

Same Problem here
I went to Microsoft store and did an update on Mail and Calander. It worked.
Thank you for sharing, I request you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
There should be a new update in the Microsoft Store for the Mail and Calendar , try check for update and download and install it.



Magic. Worked wonders. Thank you.

@Reza_Ameri  Thanks Reza, that fixed it instantly!

i have same problem with Calendar when im push to open the Calendar on Windows OS, it is shuts down immediately. How to resolve it?
Same issue here from what we noticed it happend when setting a different app UI language other than english. As soon as that happend when opening the calendar via taskbar it crashes directly without showing any calendar.
I had the same problem
PS will be your friend uninstall (Mail and Calendar)
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps | Remove-AppxPackage
Go Microsoft Store Search for Mail and Calendar. Install it. Be happy again. -;)
Not that easy sadly as we encounter this on our AVD w11 multi-session image that is deployed by pipelines. So we cannot simply remove and add it again :(
Sry to hear that. You need to reinstall Mail and Calendar. Maybe you should prepare your image once again.
It was a known issue which has been fixed with the new update in the Microsoft Store.
However, if you are still facing the same problem, try update Windows and all applications in the Microsoft Store and restart your PC.
If problem persists, report it using the Feedback Hub app.
Also check if you are able to open other applications or not.
thanks for the reply, not been able to respond due to illness but its mysteriously started working on its own today.
No problem, update will be download and install when you are connected to internet.
In this case, I believe your PC was connected to internet and got the latest update.
Glad the problem have been solved.