Watermark appear after updating

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Anyone knows how to remove the watermark or its non removable?:facepalm:

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As of 09/02/2021 Dev is back to builds that will have a water mark and an expire date for Dev builds that are released. If you go to search bar in Start Menu then type in winver you'll see the expire date on the windows version box screen that comes up. Watermark and expire date can not be removed. Beta builds (currently) dont have expire dates and watermarks.

Also make sure you keep up with updating your Dev builds through Windows Update so that the Dev build you're currently using doesn't expire out. If it expires out what will happen is that Windows (Dev Build) will stop working after the expire date.

OK thanks for your info.

@JianYu I'm on the most current build and I use a program called Universal Watermark Disabler, just Google it.