Solution to Save as (not responding) for save as image

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Earlier today I had a perplexing issue that all of a sudden I could not save images from the browser. This was the case with all browsers. When I tried to save an image to my computer the save as window at the top left said that it was not responding.

I looked online for solutions and tried all of the restarting clean booting et cetera without effect.


Then I went to where I had been storing saved images and found a temp file there that seemed to be an orphan. Once I removed that file everything was ok. It seemed that Windows created that file initially and somehow the process didn't complete but the file remained and would not allow the process to go again.


I hope this might help anyone who finds the same problem

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Here is (an)other solution to the "Save As" problem in Win 11 (22H2).


Deinstall OneDrive

Yep. Found this "Save As" hang issue using MS Office 2003 (tested in word, excel and powerpoint). Wasted a lot of time with Office repair/installation, since no other applications seemed prone to this problem.


I have to thank elevenforum for this suggestion (xandak specifically).

Hopefully someone will figure out how to use OneDrive alongside Office 2003. Cannot determine how this problem developed, unfortunately. :(