Problem in sharing with Windows 11 and Windows7

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Respected Sir,


I have problem in sharing of data from Windows 11 and Windows 7 with the help of lan cable and windows 7 shows the error to Windows11 that "There is no computer name found".

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Hi @Garvit_Khandelwal,


Please make sure the network discovery option is enabled on both computers. It might be a configuration issue with the firewall’s permission, also check the below services are allowed for private and public network.

  • File and Printing Service
  • File and Printing Service over SMBDirect

I can't reached these setting can you give me a screenshots of settings


Hi @Garvit_Khandelwal 

You can find the File and Printing Service configuration in the Windows firewall.

  • Search and launch windows firewall from the Start menu's search box, and select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  • From Windows Defender Firewall, identify File and Printing ServiceFile and Printing Service over SMBDirect, Allow for Private and Public network as exhibited in below screenshots.



Please also try to access another computer through IP addresses instead of hostname, e.g. \\\


Please make sure that:

  1. Both computers are configured with a unique name (hostname)
  2. They are having unique IP
  3. They are within the same Workgroup/domain.