Media buttons on Microsoft Keyboard not working when a file/folder is selected in Explorer

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1. Play an audio file or a YouTube video

2. Open windows explorer and select any file/folder

3. Pressing the Pause/Stop/Rewind/Forward buttons on a Microsoft Keyboard won't work


This issue was not present on Windows 10. I have a Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 and installed the MS Mouse & Keyboard Center.


Anyone else who could reproduce this issue with a keyboard with media buttons?

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I just had this issue happen with me, @JohnnyGui . I am using windows 10 home (10.0.19045) and am using a GX512 logitec keyboard (with g hub installed). Spotify just doesn't respond to the play/pause command at all, while forward, back and even the pause only button work without issues (volume keys as well). My guess is that maybe they have that key somewhere as a shortcut? But my guess is literally just that. Would be really interested in hearing more of this, seems like a really random bug