June 12 update broke my printer driver. I have thousands of customers that cannot run anymore.

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I have over 1000 customers in the field that cannot install this update of windows 10 and windows 11. 


Sometime in 2002 I took with msplot demo driver and converted it to run our cutters.  I was able to send plots up to 125" inches by 60" to our cutters with resolution as high as 16256.


Now with this update installed the gdi calls DrvStrokePath with the wrong clipping/boundary window cutting the maximum size to 5" x 5" which is impossibly too small.    Some of our machines cut countertops of up to 300" long. (I do this by sending a scaled image and then scaling it back up in the cutter driver).


I have tried changes to the cutter driver and since the cutter driver is not called with all objects, I cannot make changes to my cutter driver.


At the present time I am recommending that all of our customer not install or uninstall this update until problem is resolved.  See notice at https://allendatagraph.com


I started a discussion at https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_11-wintop_update/the-most-recent-windows-u... which contains lots more information about the issue.


I have also reported issue on the feedback hub.

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