I have an idea

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hi , I watched the documentary Revolution os and ​an idea came to my mind .
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idea :
Use Zorin OS for pre-installed operating systems on laptops instead of Windows .
reasons :
1- People are happy
because the price of laptops decreases
(Especially the people of Africa and Asia )
2- Laptop companies are happy
for example : Lenovo
Because they will have more sales with lower prices
3- Microsoft is happy Because
People do not crack Windows and follow copyright law
4- End of os war and peace fifty fifty
It is a Linux operating system, but it is a kind of trial version of Windows
(i used google translate)
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It should be an option to have a Windows operating system of a laptop or not, if not installed you should get a discount. But it's also a case of which software you need to be able to run on your laptop and what your preference is. Not everyone likes Linux as their daily (work) driver