HYPERVISOR_ERROR (20001) The hypervisor has encountered a fatal error.

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Hello Everyone,


My computer keeps crashing from a blue screen with this error: HYPERVISOR_ERROR (20001) The hypervisor has encountered a fatal error. I have tried a bunch of things to troubleshoot but it is still crashing and driving me crazy. I have done a windows reset, disabled core isolation, and enabled Hyper Visor windows features but still no luck. I'd REALLY appreciate if someone can have a look and pinpoint the issue/provide a solution. I do not really have much experience with the reading dump files.


Here is the link to the files: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Au9gYZSpOtQYbZygm09rSlVX-dM?e=miEH6O




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Let's start by examining the dump files you've provided.

Before delving into the dump files, let's check a few common culprits for this type of error:

1.Hardware Issues: Problems with hardware components, such as memory or the CPU, can sometimes lead to hypervisor errors. Have you noticed any other unusual behavior from your computer, such as overheating or strange noises?

2.Driver Problems: Outdated or malfunctioning device drivers can cause system instability. Have you recently updated any drivers, or has Windows installed any updates automatically?

Now, let's analyze the dump files you've provided. I'll take a look and see if I can identify any specific issues. Give me a moment to review them.
Try restarting Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management or Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization services in Services snap-in, see if that helps.