File Explorer in Windows 11 does not show text under buttons. This is confusing for older people.

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I provide tech support to older consumers in their homes, teaching, streamlining, upgrading and assisting with Windows, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire (tablet) devices. Most of my clients are aged 60-85 and actively use Windows 10 linked with Edge and Outlook mobile apps (and Microsoft Launcher) on Android or iOS. Many are excited by Windows 11.


The changes from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will be received well by most of my clients, because there are so many lists of text beautifully laid out, particularly in the Settings App, but many of my clients who "read all the text on their screen" before feeling confident to click or tap a button, will find the difference between the clear ribbon/toolbar buttons in Windows 10 File Explorer to the minimalistic Windows 11 File Explorer icons extremely confusing and frustrating.


Please make text labels underneath the main toolbar buttons across the top of File Explorer a priority, or at least an option that can be turned on or off, pop up "tool tips" would also be appreciated.


It is great that the same icons now appear in the right-click options menu, but I would hope these could include text labels below them too.


These example images highlight the problem:


Windows 10 File Explorer Controls - Note how visually clear the "Move to", "Copy to" and "Delete" buttons are?  This ribbon is too busy with all the other options, but the main "buttons" state exactly what they do very clearly.



Windows 11 File Explorer Controls seem bewildering to new users, older users or to those who are vision impaired.


By comparison the OneDrive website provides a very clear yet minimal interface:



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