Bugs encountered after Windows 11 upgrade

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Upgraded to Windows 11 a couple of days back to test the waters. Encountered a few new bugs I otherwise did not have in Windows 10. Sometimes when opening up the Start menu, right-clicking icons, or trying to shut down, the buttons do not press, so have to rely on Alt + F4 to close/ restart the laptop (might be a similar bug like the taskbar freezing up and being weird like in Windows 10). Faced some keyboard issues (checked the hardware, and everything seemed fine) after the upgrade. W key used to work perfectly fine before the update, now it tends to randomly not work or input twice when the laptop gets slightly hot, whether working or gaming for a fairly long period, this may be due to the performance changes. Not sure if this is a personal issue, but been having random network disconnection (Killer Ethernet) and just WiFi connection problems recently after the update. I will continue the thread if I come across anything else, thanks!

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Try run Windows Update and update affected drivers and restart your PC.
You may open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report these issues and make sure share steps to reproduce these problems.
Are you a gamer? You mentioned that the "w" key isn't performing properly. It's possible if you're a gamer, that you've worn out that "w" keypad. You may have to replace the keyboard to fix that issue if it isn't a bug in the o/s.