Additional tray icons missing.

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I have recently updated to Windows 11 22610.1 (Beta) and after the update, the additional tray icon button is missing from the taskbar. I have toggled it on/off several times in settings and have restarted my device a couple of times but it didn't help. All the apps are working just fine in the background but it becomes a real bother when I want to switch to them as an active window.


Here's a screenshot of how it looked before the update: -



Here's a screenshot of how it looks after update: -



If anybody knows a fix, I'll appreciate your help.



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@shubham_0402 I do not have the solution, but I have installed it myself yesterday. The same things occurs, tray icons missing. I have a hunch that a quick fix is necessary to solve it.

Hope they fix it soon.


This is a known issue atm with build 22610. As per Microsoft:

After upgrading to Build 22610, the “Show hidden icons” flyout in the system tray may disappear completely for some Insiders, even though it shows as “on” under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and “Other system tray icons”. We are investigating the issue. As a workaround if you need access to the icons that would show in the “Show hidden icons” flyout, you can go right-click on taskbar to open the Taskbar settings page, navigate to the “Other system tray icons” and individuals toggle specific apps to “On” until the issue is resolved.

Hope it is fixed in next build!