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I am trying to connect my laptop to a second monitor. I am doing this through a vga connection through hdmi. When I go to settings, it shows a second monitor. If I switch to the 2nd monitor only, it goes there. (I also have the audio through the 2nd monitor and it plays there.)

When I try to duplicate or extend the screen, it tells me that the signal is out of range. I have tried to update the monitor driver, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted, etc. And so far nothing is working. 

Is there something else that I need to do to achieve this? 


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@statetrav What did you configure as the Hz setting? VGA to HMDI does seem like something that limits the amount of Hz.. Please try the lowest available setting first / check the specifications of the monitor.




Thank you for the response. The second monitor shows up as L1SFCBT with a hz of 59.94 (won't go lower) and the primary monitor was set at 60. I lowered that one to 40 (lowest it would go) and nothing changed. When I push everything to the 2nd monitor, it shows. But with extend or duplicate, it still says signal out of range. Is there something else on the laptop that I need to push to get it to work? This has me stumped.
Other monitors without the vga to hdmi do work on your laptop?
found another monitor that did have HDMI port, so connected to the HDMI on the laptop. It would again recognize the monitor, but would not duplicate, extend, or even push to the second monitor.
But what is the max resolution of the monitor that you want to extend or duplicate too? Did you configure that correctly if it didn't auto-detect it?
The VGA monitor says 50/60 and registered at 59.94 and couldn't go lower. It did auto detect it.
Resolution, 1920*1080 or / 1600*1200 etc.
On the VGA monitor have them both set at 1024X768. Nothing changed. Will show on the 2nd monitor option but won't extend or duplicate.
On the other monitor, put them both at the same resolution (not recommended by either) and it wouldn't show on 2nd monitor option at all, and not extend or duplicate. Did this using VGA as well as HDMI

@statetrav Can you check what monitors you have installed using Device Manager?



Please change the extra monitor that you have to one from this list matching the max resolution of the monitor



Did you manage to fix your issue?
Yes, finally. Changed the hz to close to the same and than the resolution at the same time and this time it popped up. Have only used it one time due to work, so will see if it works again the next time.
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