WMI provider host sometimes suddenly take 100% CPU and back to as normal after few seconds

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Recently when playing games, the game sometimes suddenly got stuck and after a few seconds, usually 5-10 seconds, it went back to normally running.

I monitored the Task Manager and found that it was the WMI Provider Host that suddenly took almost 100% cpu usage and at that time, everything on my computer got stuck. And when after a few seconds that it went back to normal usage like 5-10%, the computer also back to work as nothing had happened. I check the event log and found several 5858 errors, 0x80041032, like WMI-Activity Event 5858 ResultCode 0x80041032 - Windows Client | Microsoft Learn. Every sudden-100%-cpu-use came with 5858 errors as I talked above, while some 5858 errors had no impact to the cpu and computer performance.

What causes the sudden-100%-cpu-use of WMI?

How to fix it?

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Dell G15 5511, i7-11800H, 16G RAM, Win10 Pro 21H2, RTX 3060 Laptop 6G, Intel AX201.
I've been experiencing the same. What are you playing? I've only experienced it playing Need For Speed: Unbound from Steam and I've found that the EA Desktop app running in the background is at fault for a lot of the errors in event viewer. Things mostly seem fine after restarting the computer and launching the game doesn't always cause everything to bog down, so it seems to be some special combination of things which brings things to a halt.
I met this problem in all the games that I recently played, include Genshin Impact, Rainbow 6 Siege, GTA5, World of Tanks. I think it might be either a system error or a hardware error. I have bought a new SSD and the problem has gone down a lot, but sometimes it still happens.