Windows vs Linux Speedtest Results


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When running a speedest in native windows 10 (2004) i get about 3mbit up:

When hosting kubuntu in hyper-v, I get nearly my full 38mbit up:

Both windows and linux are running through the hyper-v virtual swtich.

Any idea why Windows is significantly slower? Possibly something to do with how the Windows IP stack is configured? 

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@andrewvinci have you tried performing actual download and check the speed?

How about testing with other websites?

Let say, if you turn off Hyper-V and run test on Windows, are you facing the same result?

Is there any update running?

@Reza_Ameri-Archived It's uploading that's the issue, and it's hard to find an international server that will accept an upload at this speed.


Using other speedtest sites, such as


The best i can do is a screenshot of the above as it doesnt have permalinks:


No updates or any other stuff going on on the network (as evidenced by the linux box hitting full speed). All hyper-v machines are off while running the windows speedtest.


What browser are you using in Windows PC?

Have you tried visiting the website with other browser?

@Reza_Ameri-Archived I have tried EdgeC, Chrome, and Firefox. All similar results.

@andrewvinci if possible try perform upload using actual file on server, there might be error in their algorithm or Linux might be doing some changes during upload.

Upload and download speed would be same regardless of operating system, so they might be problem with algorithm detecting the upload or download.

@andrewvinci this issue wasn't reproduce in other devices but I heard other users reporting this.

I suspect it is something to do with driver, therefore please open Feedback Hub app and report this issue and make sure add reproduce steps, screenshot and log files, so Windows team could investigate the issue.