Windows update kb5005033 taskbar issue

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After installing Windows update kb5005033 I've found that some games after loading will kick me back to the desktop and unable to get back into them via the taskbar (just flicks to the game then back to the desktop). I have my taskbar running down the left hand side of the screen, if I drag the taskbar down to the bottom then I can get back to the game, so sounds like kb5005033 is cause an issue with the taskbar.


I've uninstalled kb5005033 and everything is workings fine, I've also paused Windows updates for 7 days to stop this update from installing.


Anyone come across this issue any fix on the cards for it?

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@malleybu I have found similar issues in KB5005033 here. I'm unable to play any Games. Also, the notification focus assist window closed right after the opening. Start menu inactive if start menu opens by win key. Microsoft fixing Printing Nightmare but the taskbar, play games, notification focus assist window making buggy.