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hello all  this is a new one for me  

 my HP note book   I updated  to the fall   1709   well  windows  update  does not know that my computer is running  the 1709 on hard drive  but  it is trying to update  it  so it is in update files  but  it  cant update  as my system  is running it  so  windows update  will not work  I have  done  what I can to delete  the new update  I have done SFC/ scan now  I have done all the tests   in Cp all the test come back all good  but  I understand   it now   so as the down load  has  not been updated  the system does not see any wrong  I would  like to see if there is any help out there  as I riley do not want to restore  any more this week  lol  I have tried to reset  windows up date  but all the test come back all good   any ideas  noel young   


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Hi Noel,


Have you tried clearing the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ ?