Windows Insider update problems

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Where on desktop,windows10 updates are stored and activated?

Is it automatic and get downloaded along with other windows udates.Where on desktop PC it can be checked/found?

Problem: Few weeks back I downloaded windows updates and I encountered an issue with pop window saying"a conflict has arisen with downloaded Insider file" after which computer started showing green screen with some directions written on the screen which unfortunately I could not copy/record but after this event on rebooting the PC it started showing a white screen with similar message and computer could not be rebooted.

Any explanation, if any one has experienced this problem and able to find some solution?



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Feature updates (aka new builds) are downloaded to a temp directory before they're processed for installation.   It's under the name \$Windows.~BT until the update is processed and you move builds.  I'm not familiar with the error/dialog you're referring to so if you continue to have issues, let us know.

I have checked but could not find any folder as mentioned above.How can one removes those files and also disable/cancel Windows Insiders.

The folder is hidden, so you'd need to turn on the ability to see hidden folders first.  This can be done in Explorer.  As for turning off Insiders Builds, you can do this via Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Insider Program.