Windows 10 Update destroyed my Ethernet Adapter Driver?

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Yesterday, after I played some games I installed some Windows Updates (September 14, 2021—KB5005565) and shut down my PC. Today, I started my PC and ... no Internet connection while the LAN was available. I tried pretty much everything: turned off the firewall, set static IP address, DNS, Default Gateway for my subnet, disabled IPv6 (I was frustrated), uninstalled Windows Feature and Quality Updates and my Networking Adapter's Driver. I tried the WiFi from another device (worked) and tried it via an Ethernet Wire from my Playstation (worked). Of course restarting the router several times, tried different ports and so on.

However, nothing worked. Btw, it wasn't just a DNS issue, but some Routing issue (ping worked neither). Then I tried to connect via NordVPN and, well, my PC was online again O.o. I'd have never thought that this would work. 


Coming back to you, can anyone say if I'm right with my Driver/Update cause? Or perhaps something else?

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Hi, this update is needed especially because of security, I do not think that it was a problem with the driver - often the system needs some time for a full reinstallation and you also have to be patient without acting hastily.
Sometimes it is enough to restart twice .

I totally agree! That‘s why I did several reboots between my tries and waited a lot. However, it‘s solved. But I thought one of you has had the same issue and perhaps knows what exactly caused this problem :)
Yes, but without resetting the Wifi network I disconnect the connection and then - connect automatically - the worst thing is to do unnecessary activities.