Windows 10 update 0x80080005

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Hi, will be in the soon future bigger update for Windows ? Cause I have problem 0x80080005 when I search for updates and this is problem which everytime shows up.
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Hi, yes, soon in the coming days there will be another major update (Windows 10 build 1909) but it will come as a cumulative update like normal updates in Windows update.
so if your Windows update is failing to check for updates, chances are you won't be able to get that update.
try going to Windows settings, update & security, Troubleshoot and click on "additional troubleshooters". select Windows update and see if it fixes your issues.
if it fails, you can go to the recovery section of the settings and reset your PC. from there you can choose to keep your files or delete everything.

@HotCakeX  and when I have same problem on my PC, and on my laptop? different version of windows, but same problem. Is it global windows problem or not? 

It's definitely not a global problem.
by the way are you on build 1903?
If you are, you can try running the Windows update troubleshooter (if you haven't already)
If that doesn't fix it, please try this:

I tried that commands in cmd, for examle I cant stop wuauserv, because its not running, but i cant start it, and dont know what problem is this. In troubleshooter some problem was, something like windowsupdatemediaservices or something like that. Right now I am reinstalling Windows without loosing apps and things in laptop and see if it help. If not, I am definitely dont know what to do because desktop which I have is really new, have it About 2 weeks and know this problem.... but if this repair/reinstall Help on my laptop, I will try it on desktop.
Something most likely corrupted the Windows update services, whatever it was (3rd party program, malware etc), resetting your Windows 10 should fix it, keep me posted.

@HotCakeX okay, so after reinstall, I am downloading some updates: win def antivirus KB2267602, net framework 3.5 and 4.5, some other things, and update KB4515384, its some update for version 1903, so I hope its fixed

That's good it's fixed!
all your files remained intact too?

@HotCakeX yes, everything is like it was before! 

probably something attacked laptop, and flash disk was the way to the desktop. but know when I search for updates, no error message. Only "last control today" so I will make same thing on my desktop. thanks for help!

Very good, you're welcome!