Windows 10, unable to mount boot volume

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Past day, I accidently deleted a file or folder from a partition. Now, Windows 10 is showing Error Code (0x0000225): Cannot mount boot volume. It also shows and error code with QR code.
What I did?
• I burn Windows 10 image and choose;
'repair your computer'. But, it's returning back to previous menu after few seconds.
"Windows has error; do chkdsk /F for fix". Did it, still no luck!
• No Automatic repair option in live ISO
• I'm sure that I *didn't do anything with EFI partition*. It's some other files coruppted.
What's the scenario here and solution? Can I fix this without reinstalling again?
Thank you all!
• Photos attached!
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please have a look at this support article:

I'd advise to reset your Windows 10 from the recovery environment to solve this problem thoroughly, you can choose to whether keep your files or delete them, only from C drive.