Windows 10 screen flickering issue

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Recently i've been experiencing these weird issues where 3/4 of my screen just glitch out and turn on/off sporadically.  It's not a hardware issue as the problem disappears as soon as a program (explorer/adobe) is opened. 

I've tried a few things to solve this problem such as reinstalling all drivers connected to the display (touch, PNP, intel graphics etc, rebooting) but none of these worked permanently. I realize that I will probably need to reinstall windows but now is the worst time for that. If anyone knows of a simple fix that would be greatly appreciated.  


The file is too large to get uploaded here, so here is the link.


Thank you for helping me with my pc's seizure problems,


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thanks for the video, to be honest I've never seen that before. you've already reinstalled GPU drivers so umm is your Windows up to date?


yes, I installed the latest version and I also tried to rollback windows to a previous update... I'm just going to reinstall windows 10 tonight and hope the issue goes away ;)

Yes, reinstall you mean fresh install? because I think if you reset from Windows settings without removing your files should fix it too, hopefully


So I just reset windows and installed all my apps from scratch (read your comment too late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and the problem is no longer appearing. I've never had this kind of a problem with windows before but there's a first time to everything...


Thanks for your help!

You're welcome xD hopefully it won't happen again :)