Windows 10 Sandbox - can I update base image

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Hi - I have and use the Windows 10 Sandbox feature a lot - is there a way to permanently update the base image? For example, to install Edge Chromium or other tools? Thanks!

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When you close sandbox it will remove everything and you will need to setup it every time.

For your scenario, you will need to use Hyper-V instead and setup VM and you could take snapshot and revert back.



When i updated to win 10 20h2 i thought the sandbox was supposed to update the image as well.

Do we need to remove sandbox and reinstall in order to update the image to the lates release of windows?

@Rdevries905 @Reza_Ameri-Archived Per discussion, Sandbox is stuck in Windows 10 2004. I installed a fresh 20H2 Windows Pro VM with virtualization extensions exposed for nested virtualization and turned on Windows Sandbox feature in that VM, and it still produces a Sandbox running 2004 and Edge Legacy. I tried removing and adding Sandbox from my 20H2 machine that was upgraded from 2004 and it does the same thing.

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Make sure report this issue through the Feedback Hub app.

I should have googled more - I did look, but I looked again, and it looks like the April 2021 Patch Tuesday Cumulative Update is going to fix this.

Although, noted, the Sandbox still stays on 2004, it just has Edgemium now.