Windows 10: "Always render print jobs on the server" Default Policy Setting Issue

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When printing to a Windows print server (2008 R2) from a Windows 10 (1709) client, print jobs are rendered on the server rather than the client.


The print queue is set to "Render print jobs on client computers" on the server.



On the Windows 10 client, enable Print Service Operational logs and send a print job.

  • You should see event ID 821 (Client Side Rendering reverting to Server Side Rendering)

Under Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Printers, "Always render print jobs on the server" is set to "Not Configured" by default. By definition, "If you do not enable this policy setting, the behavior is the same as disabling it". However, this is not the case.

If you disable the policy and send another print job, you will now see (Print Service Operational logs) that print jobs are being rendered on the client rather than the server


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