Windows 10 Printer problem - DYMO LW450 DUO can not recognize tape

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Hi all,


We are using a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo. But somehow it show out of tape even if we are using the new tape cartridge. We tried to remove/reinstall the DYMO printer driver completely. And the printer work a while until the user restarted their PC.

We checked with DYMO support and they recognize the issue is caused by recent Windows security updates even though we haven't installed the KB which they mentioned in their website.

May I know have any hotfix patch or step can solve the issue?

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Same exact issues here. Requesting update.


Same issue with my LabelWriter 450 Duo



Same issue here, Tape only work on Windows 7

Exactly same issue here. The KBs mentioned by DYMO are not listed on my PC but presumably whatever caused the problem is rolled up in one of the other updates.
I advise you to open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try uninstall the driver and restart your PC and run Windows Update to install the driver from the Windows Update.



I found a newer driver 8.7.3 that actually made tape work on Windows 10, but then suddenly the top label didn't work, which worked on the previous version (so reverse problem) Fairly strange error when it works on one version but not another. As said, both types work on Windows 7