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Windows 10 Installation error 0xc0000001

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your PC Could not start properly

after multiple tries , the operating system on your PC failed to start so it needs to be repaired 

error code 0xc0000001"




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right I need specs and full software history that includes hax and dodgy software if I get them I will may be able to work out the problem


I would suggest you to try performing Startup Repair using Windows 8 installation media from Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) and check.

To perform Startup repair on your computer, follow these steps:

a. Insert the media such as (USB or DVD) and restart your computer.

b. Press F12 key (typically this is F12, but it can differ between computer manufacturers) and choose the drive that you inserted the installation media into.

c. Once the Windows Setup window appears, follow these steps:

d. Click next and select Repair your computer.

e. You will then see a blue screen and an option to choose. Choose the option Troubleshoot and select advanced options.

f. You may choose StartupRepair from Advanced boot option.

g. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Startup Repair.

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