Windows 10 gets slow after 22h2 update

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Some Azure Virtual Desktop machines really slow after installing the newest Windows 10 22H2 update. There is flickering desktop and high CPU. If I disable Windows search the desktop is not flickering anymore but the system is slow again. Has anybody a solution for this?


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If you uninstall the update will that solve the problem?
Is there any other pending updates?

@Reza_Amerihow can I uninstall the last .NET Framework update? Could you send a link with the steps?

In case it installed as update through Windows Update, have a look at:
In case, it is not listed under installed updates, it might be inside the applications and in such a case, have a look at:
i have core i5 8400k
8 gb 2667z
m.2 ssd
nvidia 1060 6gb

And i have the almost same problem , After i updated windows 11 to 22h2 , my google chrome feel super laggy , and i only oppened 1 tab youtube .
before the update i could easy open 10 pages . even without google chrome . its feel slow

and im here looking for answers