Windows 10 and live mail

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Good Morning!

I am trying to support a Windows 10 pc that also runs Windows Live Mail.  All was fine until yesterday's update.  It is now reporting issues with authentication and incorrect passwords.  I verified the settings in the account, and reverified the passwords.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Effie Marie Smith 

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Windows Live Mail is for the previous version of Windows and is not supported in the Microsoft Edge.
We recommend you to use Mail app instead.
Thank you, I understand. This is an older person's office pc, and he is not comfortable using the newer app. He is not using Edge at all. Thank you for your suggestion.
You may try run it in the compatibility mode:
It might work but it is not recommended.
Thank you again! I will try!

Effie Marie
Thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately, this didn't work. It was working fine Monday, it stopped working yesterday.

Thank you for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated.

Effie Marie


account synchronization in mail for Windows10 - is the simplest
solution and is easy to use and works reliably because the application
automatically logs on the user


Thank you so very much for the suggestion!  I am speaking with the person about doing that.

Effie Marie