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Window 10 ISO

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Can I use a Windows 10 ISO file download on one computer (DVD created) and install it on another computer with a different product code?

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Yes, you may create Windows installation media on another Windows PC or download ISO and create installation media using the following link:
Then boot into another PC and install it, during installation it will ask for product key or if the product key store in the UEFI, it will retrieve and use it.



I got the product code from the second computer using Command Prompt

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOrginalProductKey

The church had a HD crash and I need to rebuild everything.

I just did know if the product key from the computer I download it from was tied to  ISO file.




The product key is not bound to the ISO file: you can download the Windows 10 ISO file on a PC and use it to install Windows on a different PC.

@Luigi Bruno 

Thank you.

No, the ISO file is without the product key and you will asked to enter the product key during setup or it will retrieve it from UEFI (if exist).
It looks like all is good thanks for all you help!!!!!
You're welcome