win10 search bar weather

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 I remember seeing an article: in the win10 search bar there will be a weather widget that occupies two app spaces, just like the

If I can, how to open it










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these are server-side changes, I also got this widget before, but now that i'm checking i don't have it.
Windows gets these data from the Internet, straight from Microsoft servers.

there is a new feature coming to Windows 10

@HotCakeX Thanks very much.

What do you mean by server-side changes?

I am already in build21313, but because I am in China, I cannot use the widget.........

Server-side change means changes that happen on the server, not client, which is your Windows installation.

these data are coming to you from the Internet, and Microsoft can change these on the fly.

@HotCakeX Thanks very much! I got it.


Anytime :)