Using TV Remote Bluetooth as mouse for Windows

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Hi everyone!


I would like to use the Bluetooth remote control of my Samsung TV (H8000 series) as a mouse for Windows 10 notebook. This TV remote allows to point-and-click button on TV screen just like Nintendo Wii controls i.e., it acts like an air mouse.


I have already successfully paired the TV remote. It appears on [Windows Settings] \ [Bluetooth and other devices] \ [Mouse, keyboard & pen] as [Advanced Touch REMOTE]. Plain easy! Thanks Windows team. Great job here!


I have also read that there is some support built on Windows to support TV remote controls, see: . Again, congratulations Windows team!


By the time it was paired it has had its status as [Connect]. After I rebooted, it became [Paired].


The problem is: nothing happens. I have thought that since Windows sees the TV remote as a mouse, everything should work without further tweaking or installing a new program (or a driver).


What am I missing here? 


Motivation: my TV is a 2014 release. Its browser is quite old (e.g., badly supports HTML5) and there is no way to update it - unless, of course, someone at Samsung decides to release a new browser because they have just read this :) !. I would like to connect one of my notebooks to TV and control Windows using the TV remote - which is  far more convenient than carry a wireless mouse for regular point-and-click operations.


Thanks for your attention!


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