Uninstalling a stubborn program

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Dear Sir/madam,

How can I remove or uninstall a stubborn program? Pls advise me.






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As you didn't mentioned the program name specifically, I suggest you to try with some profession uninstall tools available on the market. There are many third-party tools available for Windows, which can help you to get rid of unwanted programs. You can always use your favourite search engine to find out those tools.

Hope this helps!
Very interesting approach to propose the installation of another program and give it more permissions = all tools are in Windows 10 !
If someone does not have experience then he should go to the IT service and do it while waiting - this is my proposal Good luck
You should tell us what program is that and what is the error message during uninstallation?
In some cases, restarting your PC or booting into Safe Mode could help you to uninstall programs.
In other cases, you might need cleanup tools.