Unicode characters causing issues for apps/how to delete account locally

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Lets take for example user caled Miša Perić. When misa@mycompanyoffice.com logins to new PC, his shown name is used for creating user profile folder and its called Miša Perić. This causes issues for some apps, such as outlook, that they cannot parse the path that has unicode characters (also DBeaver, and some other apps). So this is causing problems for my colleagues, due that they cannot use Outlook cause of it and other.


So, I talked to office 365 support, talked to azure support and we didn't come to an understanding.


What I need is, this to be seen at least and so people react to this and hopefully it gets a fix if its not on its way.


Solution needed: how to delete account from PC locally so that user can login again for the first time and gets name Misa Peric, so it gets saved without unicode characters as user folder.


Its not perfect, but this issue isn't taken care of long time, so this is the fix I could think of. But I don't know how to delete a profile. Deleting a folder or renaming it causes for user to have temporary session that says that anything saved will be lost.


I tried going to Control Panel>User Accounts>Configure advanced user profile properties
And deleting there, didn't seem to work. If this is the right way, but I missed on doing something important, let me know. Here is what happens when I delete it as stated before and user profile folder:

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