Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 build 1803 - Error 0xC19000101 - 0x4001E

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Good afternoon all


Microsoft support referred me to the community because after 3 remote support sessions not one support agent was able to resolve this issue.

I am experiencing problems updating from Windows 10 build 1709 to Windows 10 build 1803.

The following attempts have failed.


* Using Windows Update

* Using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

*Using the official Media Creation Tool

*Using the Official Microsoft Windows 10 ISO


SFC reports no system file integrity violations.




ASUS Sabertooth X99 latest 3902 BIOS

Intel core i7 i5930k

16GB of RAM

Samsung SM951 SSD

eVGA Geforce 980Ti


SetupDiag log files are attached.


Please help





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You can try sropping Windows Update service, deleting C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, running the service again and checking for updates.

Thank you Oleg K

I have given that a try, but now the update doe snot show as available within Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update


Previously the update would show as available , complete the first install routine in Windows, reboot install up to 50% , reboot then install up to 75% reboot and then install up to 86% , reboot and then immediately come up with the dreaded "restoring previous version of Windows"


Sadly the error code does not really give a lot to go on. Microsoft hinted that it could be because ASUS have not released any new drivers for my Sabertooth X99 for the new version of Windows.


However I am sure (after  a quick google search) that other users of this motherboard are happily using Windows 10 1803.


Today I have updated the firmware on my USB 3.1 controller and installed the latest drivers, hopefully this will help?


If not, other than a clean install have you got any other suggestions?





The Setup process failed again!

Very frustrating that this is now the 10th or 11th time now.


Pretty sure Microsoft do not test these updates very rigorously.

I had no problem whatsoever upgrading from the previous builds up to 1709 via Windows update so surely something is fundamentally different in the process for 1803 that renders it very fussy with certain system configurations.


Please help, at my wits end.



Before doing clean reinstall you can try Reset PC (leaving documents in place)  Although you would lose settings and win32 apps, so it is close to reinstall.


"Pretty sure Microsoft do not test these updates very rigorously".


Microsoft can't behind all computers of world and all configurations. It is possible that you have some programs (e.g Antivirus tier) that corrupt your Upgrade.


First in BIOS, enable 'SecureBoot' and 'UEFI'.

Make a clean install, then leave your system work only for all Updates to do before using your PC. This can take some time. For my part, I leave my PC quiet at least a journey.

After all Updates and Upgrade are installed. Install CCleaner (free version enough, disable the monitoring) and perform a scan on your registry, delete all keys obsoletes without saving.

Restart your PC so your registry get up to Update.

Next, you have to a folder "windows.old" here "C:\windows.old" that you can delete with the tool "Disk Cleanup" of Windows. Next, and it is very important, create a "Repair CD".


Good luck!

SecureBoot and UEFI are not a must for realiable OS functioning. SecureBoot is for added OS security, which you probably won't ever need. UEFI is just more common and supported today and based on other components it can be needed sometimes for BitLocker encryption and similar features.


Running CCleaner after OS install is an overkill (personally i don't like all these "helping" tools at all, not needed fluff). Installing still rather fresh 1803, one Cumulative update (August) and a few other updates released since May should be quick and system's registry should be ok (Windows has already advanced a lot to make registry work ok without additional tweaks).


I would agree about MS not being able to test every configuration though. They now collect lots of telemetry and still fail sometimes because of some obscure configs and also get complains about privacy.

Good Morning all

I finally managed to update to Windows 10 v1803 I did not have to lose any of my apps.

With many thanks to the author of this blog here:


I followed his steps to import the new provisioning registry key and child objects and this resolved the issue.

Such a shame that Microsoft themselves were unable to fix this with me months ago.