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The Remote Desktop app stuck at splash screen

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Just installed a fresh Windows 10 on my PC and I installed Remote Desktop app from Windows Store as before but when launching it wouldn't pass the Loading screen. I tried Uninstall/Reinstall, Reset and even give it all permissions. Please advice what I should do. The classic Remote Desktop works.






Edition Windows 10 Pro N
Version 21H1
Installed on ‎8/‎19/‎2021
OS build 19043.928
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

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If it helps anyone in the future, the problem was that I was using Windows N version (without the Media Pack). Installing that package helps.

@lukevo  Installing the Media Pack also helped me to resolve the issue. Thanks for the commendable solution.

Remote Desktop (RDP), as a Windows built-in remote access feature, allows us to remotely control a PC from another PC. However, some users complain that they always run into various issues with it. Here in this post, we’ll give you a detailed explanation, aiming at “RDP stuck on splash screen” on Windows 11, 10.

Solution 1. Startup PC in safe mode
According to some users, the issue has gone when they force a safe boot and a proper shutdown, then the issue disappears. Therefore, we can try it.

Step 1. Press the Windows Key + R. Type msconfig in the dialog box and then press the Enter key.

Run Box Msconfig

Step 2. Select the Boot tab. Tick the Safe boot option and click Apply. Finally, click on “OK”.

Safe Boot

Step 4. Choose Restart to apply the changes when the System Configuration window pops up.

Restart PC to apply

Step 5. After loading to desktop, turn off the Safe Boot as the above steps and then restart PC again.

Step 6. Reconnect to the remote PC to see whether the issue remains,

Solution 2. Return to the previous Windows version
As the user said, he met with the issue after upgrading the Windows. To a large degree, it can be concluded that the update bugged it out. For this reason, we can return to the previous Windows version to fix the issue.

Step 1. Press Win + I to open “Settings” and find the place of Update & Security.

Find Update and Security

Step 2. Scroll down and find the Recovery. Click on “Get started” under “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10”.

Get Started

Step 3. Keep choosing “Next” all the way. Finally, click on “Go back to the previous version” to complete the operation.

Check Go Back to the Previous Version

Step 4. RDP into a server again to check the issue remains or not.

Bonus tip: Remote Desktop App stuck on splash screen
Apart from meeting with Windows-built in feature RDP stuck at the splash screen, some users have reported that they run into the same issue on Remote Desktop App, which is installed from Microsoft Store. Focusing on this situation, here is a solution for you. That’s installing a media pack.

Install Media Pack

Step 1. Press Win + I to open “Settings” and then locate Apps.

Windows Settings Apps

Step 2. Scroll down and find Apps & Features. Click on “Optional features”.

Optional Features

Step 3. Click on “Add a feature”.

Add a Feature

Step 4. Scroll down and find the Media Feature Pack in the list of available Optional Features.

Media Feature Pack

Step 5. After completing the installation, reboot the PC. Finally, reconnect to the remote PC to check whether the issue disappears.

Rachel Gomez