The 1803 Feature update.

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"I am not the author of this. Patch Lady Susan Bradley is the author. " It is directed to Microsoft,


On behalf of your customers and the security ecosystem of Windows 10 please take this feedback seriously: Please review the procedures and policies you have in place for servicing.

Surface devices should not BSOD on 1803. Enterprise detection of May updates should not need metadata revisions. We should not be losing Nics in various platforms. We should have trust in the updating process that would let us feel comfortable in installing updates the week they come out not mandate that all of us are waiting and seeing what issues occur.

We, the patching community, your customers have lost trust in your patching processes. Please, please fix this. Ensure metadata issues do not occur. Ensure better quality testing is done. Ensure feedback processes are strengthened so that customer feedback is acted upon BEFORE issues occur not after Microsoft themselves have to acknowledge the issues.”

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