Text size, Dialogue box, task bar scaling Windows 10

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I am running Windows 10 pro and recently replaced my 26" (dual monitors) monitors with 28". Since doing do my font sizes are not correct. They are often too small and sometimes to large. Dialogue boxes are too small as well as task and favorites bars and in Outlook my header is too small and has small text. It just seems that overall everything is scaled wrong. I am not very tech savvy, is there an easy way to fix this or is there a recommended download to fix it? Thanks

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Hi @simmied6_1969 

Please change the settings, this is the simplest solution:

Change the size of text in Windows (microsoft.com)


Thank you. This did not really fix my problem though, I had already tried this. On some webpages/apps the sizing and scaling is correct but on others it is not. Also dialogue boxes open and they are tiny compared to monitor size. I will keep at it and get it figured out.

Thanks again.


Yes, but the next step is to change the advanced scaling settings throughout the system, or have you already checked it, I set the cap to 145 % ?