SVG support in Windows10 file explorer

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When we open a folder in windows 10 with bunch of svg images, i have to open each of them individually to know what image that is. It would be great if we had support for preview all of these images in one go using Extra Large/Large Icons from the View folder menu.

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which program do you use to open your SVG files?

@HotCakeX I use internet explorer which seems to be the default program available on the system.

I think if you had a photo viewer program installed that could also open SVG files, then you would be able to see SVG thumbnails in File Explorer.

The best third-party software I use is to download the SVG Explorer Extension @TanujMittal 

I hope it's a reversible problem for my Windows 10 but here's the tip.


But for some reason, after years of using, on this date, 06-03-2020 I realized that it is not working as expected.

@artintech Yes. These also work. But I like to avoid 3rd party extensions as they tend to bloat up and slow down the system. Would be nice if we had built in support like it exists for other file formats such as png, jpeg, gif etc.

an extension sounds good. Photos app on Windows 10 supports extensions. I install HVEC and AC1 extensions to watch those videos on Windows 10, so i think they can make a SVG extension for it too.

@TanujMittal  I agree with your opinion. A native tool would be excellent.

So, I managed to solve my problem. I chose not to show a thumbnail in the performance system.



Hmm, so choosing not to show thumbnails actually shows thumbnails!

@HotCakeXExcuse me. I expressed myself poorly.

When I decided not to show a thumbnail, a few days later I noticed and thought it was a failure when the truth was not. So I reversed this option.

So in the answer above I replied that for some reason the software did not work properly.  Now the this options is ON 

Oh okay that's good :)


did you get the svg files to show up as thumbnails? I've toggled the thumbnail settings in the folder view options, and the "Adjust the appearance and performance of windows" control panel, but no luck. 


FYI, this developer has migrated through the closing of Google Code, to CodePlex, and from there finally to Github. There is a version 1.1.0 from May-2019 available. (Not to be confused with 0.1.1 being offered at software.informer)


If you try to install the 0.1.1 version you get a big red UAC prompt telling you that your Administrator has blocked installation. For anyone curious why, it's because the signing certificate was explicitly revoked.

@joshie I recently did a clean installation of Windows on my machine and this message did not appear anymore. But before, looking for an alternative and not having, I gave up searching and installed the same. To my surprise, it went straight.

Just install Microsoft Powertoys it comes with this feature in the newest version 0.20 and it also allow previewing svg files.

PowerToys is the best way and it is developed by Microsoft themselves. However, I do agree that at this point it should just be default in File Explorer, at least for smaller file sizes.
A few months ago, Microsoft hinted on Feedback Hub that they are working on a new File Explorer. Maybe they will add SVG support in that one.

@Anoir Ben Tanfous Powertoys did the work. Thanks, guys!

Nice, that's good to hear!

Solved it. If you go to your Windows Explorer folder with SVG files, then click on VIEW and at Layout click Tiles.

That will show all your SVG images on your Windows Explorer without having to install anything.