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surface pro 2 256GB help!

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Surface pro 2 256GB went from 8.1 to 10 to 11 very smoothly, (preview version DEV channel). But the update to Win11 22509 began to have problems, and all versions after the update failed to install, and the installation error was 0X80070001: -97c43c67dee2?messageId=fea295b4-da80-49b4-9557-8db2d590a833, and then can not boot, enter the UEFI page.

Make U disk media Win10, Win11 can not find the system disk, or the system disk is 0, as shown in the figure:

1 (2).jpg

Try to create a recovery drive again, recovery failed!

Reset your PC is the result:

1 (4).jpg

Refresh your PC is the result: locked!

1 (3).jpg

Startup Repair is the result of this:1 (1).jpg

I have also tried Chinese cabbagU disk boot, all can not find the system disk, unable to install.

Exhausted and close to madness. . . . Hahaha!

Ask for help. thanks.

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