Side by side configuration is incorrect

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Hello there. I find myself unable to open most programs and cannot seem to uninstall or install new applications. Whenever I try to open up an install file or a program, a pop up keeps appearing saying side by side configuration is incorrect.


Have tried the following to remedy the situation:


1. Regedit (folder 9 something) Found 3 folders under default. ended up deleting 1 by mistake. Try restoring it. but again cannot open any downloaded files

2. Reset the pc ( unable to reset the pc or it remains stuck at 7%)

3. Uninstall Microsoft c++ but cannot as windows installer is not good

 Bear in mind that I am unable to open any downloaded files either 

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Hey. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Was able to complete step 1 (clean boot) but I am stuck on step 2 where I am encountering the side by side problem when i try to run the setup of media creation tool. Any way you can help me out?
I suggest doing a reset.
open Windows settings => Update and security => Recovery

all the options explained in that page, let me know how it goes :)

if you choose to delete files from Windows installation drive, make sure moving the files you want to keep from the C:\ drive to other drives.