SharePoint Library Icon in File Explorer Shows Drastically Wrong Size and Item Count

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I recently deployed a new Windows 10 machine.  I synced it to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.  The System Folder Icon for the SharePoint library shows 700mb when the Library has almost 50gb.  It shows 640 files and 120 folders, when it actually has 49,000 files and 3,000 folders.


Most of the sub-folder icons beneath the System Folder in the path tree also show seriously wrong (low) counts.  Only when I get down to the lowest level folders in each branch of the tree does that folder icon show the correct counts.


Has anyone seen anything similar to this, and does anyone have any suggestions how to get it to show the correct numbers?


I'm thinking about "Stop Syncing" this library with the client, deleting the local PC based copy, and re-syncing it, but I'm afraid that will cause the System Folder Icon for the SharePoint library to go negative and have unintended consequences.


Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi @HotCakeX ,


    Thanks for posting.  I hadn't checked it since May, at which time the problem was still there.  I just checked it now after you posted, and it seems to have resolved itself.


    I didn't do anything specifically trying to fix it.  It wasn't causing me any problems except if I looked at the folder properties, and there was no file corruption, so I decided to leave well enough alone.


  I did get upgraded to Windows 10 v1903 in September, so that's what might have resolved it, but I can't be sure.



Oh well it's good to know it got fixed :)
Happy early Christmas!