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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Have just succeeded in setting up a State migration point on our SCCM and after that got USMT to make user profile backup and restore on the reinstalled PC.

According to the log everything is OK and User data and desktop is there but hardly anything else , not even my Edge favorites or any browser favorites.
USMT is the latest 20H2


Is this what to expect or is something wrong?

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USMT is a fantastic tool but Microsoft has done a lousy job maintaining the MigApp.xml (for like 5 years) and also never really bothered to include Windows 10 settings etc.

For many years I have therefore used updated custom xml files from what I gather is the currently biggest expert on USMT and SCCM, Thomas Ehler at EhlerTech.

You can pick up updated XML files, for free!!, there that will handle all browser favorites from Chrome, Firefox and the new Edge, plus a lot of other Windows 10 settings like recent files etc. and include them in your SCCM.
Even cached passwords in Firefox and Chrome will be migrated
(remember to redistribute the USMT package after adding)

On how to add the custom XML files to your migration check out the guide here

EhlerTech also has the most efficient migration tool, User Profile Central, that support use at all our branches.


MS does not update their XML files. I gather they kinda gave up on that after Steve Balmer "crashed" Windows by hastily throwing in the mobile Desktop overlay.
A really bad implementation that finally seems to be on its way out with Windows 11. Wohoo!!

I second @BoBoisen ion this. If migrating users from one PC to another, or to Azure, use USMTGUI from EhlerTech and save yourself a lot of SCCM trouble.
For domain migrations use their User Profile Central software