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Hi All,

In what version of Windows 10 was introduced "Reset this PC" functionality ?

Is there any deep documentation regarding how it works ?


Thank you

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Hi @-markohulligan 


the option was added way back in Windows 8

this article from 2012, when Windows 10 wasn't even born :)


yes of course there are tons of documentations


Everything You Need to Know About “Reset This PC” in Windows 8 and 10


Reset or reinstall Windows 10



a new option is going to be added, currently only available in insider fast and slow ring but soon will come to stable releases too so better be prepared

Reset Windows 10 PC reset using the cloud



@HotCakeX Thank you


Still I do not find what I'm looking for.


I'm testing the reset this PC (Win10 1607) and I'm unable to skip the OOBE screens, I have tested with  c:\windows\panther\unattended.xml and c:\Recovery\OEM\ResetConfig.xml but none of those are applied to execute some scripts.


Has anyone tested Reset this PC functionality and know how to to automate the OOBE configuration ?

Thank you.

Why are you using a more than 3 years old obsolete version of Windows 10?
of course it has problems, download and use the updated version and try again


It is a LTSC edition supported by Microsoft for 10 years.

Unfortunately I cannot use a newer one.