Random Skype-like Ringtone and Popup Showing Incoming Call - No Skype Installed

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Randomly on occasion, I get a loud ringtone that sounds like Skype running on my Windows 10 machine. I do not have Skype or any version of Skype installed.


Occasionally, a window looking like a phone dial pad will appear briefly on the screen where I can choose to answer the call (no caller ID), and before I can click to answer, it stops. 


I regularly have Opera, Firefox, and Chrome running at the same time, but I have checked extensions to verify that no Skype holdout extensions exist. I have combed the registry and the sound setting to eliminate any notification using the incoming skype ringtone sound. No help yet.

Can someone tell me how to stop this random unsolicited attempt to call me through my PC, how to disable the ringing and the calls. Thanks in advance for your support

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I have the same issue. It started a few weeks ago. I have never seen any popups but I get the skype ringtone randomly for about 3 rings..


Skype has been installed in Windows 10 and in case you are using Microsoft Account, it might sign into Skype.

Try open start and search for Skype and open it and see whether you are able to login or it will ask you for account?

Check installed app and there might be other app which has been installed.

THE EXACT same thing happen and feels like computer has been hacked
I have the same issue, skype ringtone just randomly start playing, however no pop-up for me. I opened skype app to check but I'm not even logged in to an account. the last time I use skype is more than 5 years ago, I've never used skype on my laptop before.
The same thing just happened to be. It was so strange that it woke me out of bed at 5am!! The sound rang once and that's it. I haven't used Skype in years. Anyone figure anything out?
Sorry for the delay. It hasn't happened in a while, but I intentionally uninstalled Skype and Skype for Business when I set up this machine. Furthermore, I ran through the registry and removed all references, and did an extended clean uninstall to get any residual files. I even uninstalled Office in case that was the problem. No luck.

Fortunately it hasn't happened in a long while.