Printer doesn't print - looking for trouble shooting - network issue?

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I do have a printer but upon sending a job I get the return 'error - printing'. So printer is installed, however I cannot send a job so it prints. Since I'm not so familiar with this matter I can only guess what's wrong. Need some guidance here. My son can print on it using he's mobile phone connected to the wifi.

Before it was printing : old pc plugged in with network cable on network at home. And a long time ago I got it working with port forwarding-which I don't anymore understand (not an IT expert). Hence also with the 2018 update I think home networks are not anymore valid.?

Now : new hardware build with wifi. I reinstalled windows 10 (from USB after downloading) and had the option during registration to say that it is the same pc but with new hardware.


Thanks for any feedback, help.




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@EddyKunnen open start and search for troubleshooting and open Troubleshooting settings and you should see printer troubleshooter and if not, click Additional troubleshooters and run troubleshooter for printer. 

In case it couldn't fix the problem, try contact your printer's manufacturer support and you may need to install certain driver or application to diagnose the problem.



Dear Reza,


After updating the firmware of the printer and reinstallation of the drivers, it workes again.

Firmware update was recommended on the web page of the brother. 



Thank you @EddyKunnen for follow up, normally updates are fixing issues and glad that problem have been solved