one third of monitor become black

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When I turned on my computer, one-third of monitor become black. As you see in the picture. all things slid to right. How do I can resolve this problem? 




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Which version of Windows 10 are you using?
what type of connection/cable/port are you using to connect your monitor to your graphic card?
what graphic card are you using?


Windows version: 1809

connection: VGI cable

there is no graphic card, it's directly connected to the motherboard.

It's DeskTop HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF PC

CPU: Intel Core 2 Dup   E4800 @3.00GH

Memory: 4096 GB RAM

DirectX version: DirectX 12

did you install anything recently? like a software or Windows update, that triggered that issue?
can you try connecting to the monitor using a different cable? like DVI ?
try reinstalling graphic drivers. your motherboard must have an on-board graphic card, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing anything on your monitor :)