no wifi in safe mode

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I have noticed that wifi doesn't work when in safe mode because no drivers have been loaded EVEN THOUGH safe mode with networking was selected! How can network issues issues be troubleshot when the network doesn't work? Ethernet drivers work in safe mode. This is especially painful on the Surface since the only network interface is wifi.


Whoever though to disable wifi in safe mode doesn't have to troubleshoot issues, they just create issues for the repair people. Thanks Micro$oft!

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sorry for the late reply, you're right though.
in Safe mode with networking, it's true that drivers don't load, but there are certain devices such as Ethernet or built in WIFI adapter inside laptops that do work regardless.
they also work during Windows 10 installation when user is prompted to sign in using Microsoft account instead of creating local account.
this should be an issue related to Surface devices. their WIFI adapter must work in Safe mode with networking because they are built in like those in laptops and also they are from Microsoft.