New sub window.

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As you know, this auxiliary window in Windows 10 is a very long time and it has long been outdated. I know that Microspot works on design in windows, but is it really so difficult to update this window ?! Here is my suggestion of how it might look.

Image 12.jpg
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is that a proposed design for right-click context menu?

@HotCakeX Hi, yes


It's nice, and yeah I agree the design is old

a fluent design context menu would be awesome


I also like pie menu designs, preferably with a nice opening animation :)




@HotCakeX By the way, yes, I also thought about a round menu. I think it would be cool. Only here it is unlikely that the guys from Microsoft will implement this (((

Yes you're probably right..I wish there was at least a 3rd party software to modify right-click menu with.