Need Programmer to Write New Wacom Driver

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Looking to hire a software engineer to write a Windows 10 driver for our Wacom Intuos tablets. (original model, from about 20 years ago.)
Why am I making this request? Because the Intuos has features and ergonomics that work with our software programs and the nibs last forever. As they say, about the new products, "they don't make them like they used to." The reliability, and just plain "it works and doesn't cause problems" was very good with the Intuos.
The new Intuos Pro tablets have a lot of failures, the nibs wear out in mere hours, there is no 4D mouse (which we use a lot for CAD applications) and the power cord comes out the side of the tablet, which gets in the way of other items on the desktop (why did they move it from the rear of the tablet?)
We've a bunch of these venerable and great tablets, but Wacom stopped supporting them years ago. Unfortunately, Windows update just made the Wacom driver stop working and we need to solve the problem.
So we're looking for someone who can upgrade the existing driver so that we can continue using the best tablet model Wacom ever made.
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Please let me know how this goes. I'm in a similar boat with Wacom devices in general for the MacOS.  @M_A_Weiss 

I'm on 1809 and that's the only version that lets my tablet work acceptably. The never versions disable the tablet completely.