Need help with Windows 10

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I tried to find something similar already asked, but there was nothing in the suggestions.

For some reason, my laptop will not connect to any HTTPS server that belongs to Microsoft. Before anyone says it, there is a woman who has a laptop that is also Windows 10 that uses the same internet connection that I do, and she has no problem connecting to any server for Microsoft, nor for running Microsoft store. On my laptop, Microsoft store never finishes loading, and anytime I try to go to a secure Microsoft server, the connection times out. It doesn't matter if I use edge, or if I use my default Firefox.

In some parts of the system when I try to send feedback or do something else to contact Microsoft, the system tells me that I'm not connected to the internet, but I am connected to the internet. I can go to any other site there is, just not Microsoft. Well, unless it's not a secure server, such as the default home. I have tried using Microsoft help service, to no avail. The best they can suggest is that I do a reset to factory defaults, or that I create a new user account and see if that fixes the problem.

The other person whose laptop works just fine, told me that she used to have the same problem. Someone at Microsoft told her to install a particular security update. It fixed it for her, and she's never had any trouble since. However, that was a little while ago, and she can't even be certain that that security update would even work on my system since I have the latest version of Windows 10.

Can anyone here help me figure out what is wrong with my system and fix it?
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Well, after going through all of this, it was as simple as doing a network reset. I just got through resetting my network adapters. Lo and behold, everything works now. Everything I went through with tech support did nothing. Hopefully this will help someone else. If you're on the internet, but you cannot get to secured sites, especially Microsoft, try doing the network adapter reset.
Yeah I was going to suggest to reset network settings as well. it was the first thing came into my mind after reading your post.
I've been stuck in the same situations before, for me 3rd party software like cheap VPNs etc messed with my network stack settings and I had to reset it.
it's easy to do it in Windows 10, as easy as it is on Android. there is the option to reset network settings in the Windows 10 settings. :)